Got clients coming over?  Want to give your staff a boost?  Or maybe the Big Boss is in town! 
How you cater is a strong reflection of the value you place on your brand.  Think we're exaggerating?  Think again!  The food you present says everything about your standards as a firm- serve them budget rubbish and they'll know exactly how much pride you take in the details.  No thanks!  

Panifico has built a strong reputation as a reliable catering partner insisting on high standards with the same competitive pricing found elsewhere.  The difference with us is in the quality.  Whether it's our breads or organic free-range eggs imported from France, our cheeses and cold cuts flown in from Italy, our standards are more than just a cut above the rest. 

We don't prepare in a large central kitchen the day before and let things sit in fridges all night, no.  We prepare your order from scratch an hour before, so you can rest assured that your catering will be the best that it can be- and pocket friendly all the while.

Demonstrate the pride you take in your businesses details and let us worry about the rest.  We guarantee our work, and if you're unsatisfied that Panifico was not everything you expected it to be, we'll give you your money back.  That's the Panifico promise.